Case Study #1 – Social Media Changes Business landscape in Fashion Industry


Gone are the days of passive consumers who accepted whatever numerous PR and advertising messages spoke out. Consumers are now becoming  savvier and more jaded.

In the era of maturialism (combining words ‘mature’ and ‘materialism’, according to ), smart consumers no longer tolerate being treated like inexperienced audiences. They want more direct conversations and more daring innovations to experience new product.

With the growth of social media networks, companies practice more active maturalistic marketing campaign for adult consumers. Today, I would like to introduce the social media case study of Calvin Klein Jeans  showing how it successfully launched its new line of jeans.

In New York City last August, Calvin Klein posted a huge QR code on two billboards for its new Fall collection, named Calvin Klein Jeans X, with the words “Get it Uncensored.” Smartphone users can capture the code, which links to the racy 40-second uncensored commercial featuring top supermodel Lara Stone. In addition, smartphone users can share the link of the video with other connect users via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

This advertising campaign using QR, quick response, bar code  encouraged the interaction of New Yorkers and helped them to remember CK brand. I think this billboard campaign contributed to move fashion brands a bit closer to the Fashion-social-technology era.  

* What is QR code? A QR code is a matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera, and smartphones.  – from Wikipedia.

The main goal of the campaign is engaging consumer audiences rather than building brand awareness. In that point, this campaign seems pretty successful. For grown-up brands like Calvin Klein, communicating with mature consumers is a key to keep up the brand loyalty. As consumers expect brand communications and innovations to be candid and to be mutual, companies now needs to find the new communication strategies free from the boundaries of traditional marketing.


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