How to BBB (Become a Better Blogger) ?


     For the last three month, running this blog was quite an interesting journey.  Though I have an experience to run some blogs, WordPress is not that easy for me who has been tamed in the Korean blog style. Yet, blogging in New York helps me become a better blogger. I am not going to repeat how blogging is great or why blogs make the world as a better place. So predictable! Instead, I would like to talk about my story that how blogging changed me throughout this semester.  

By sharing ideas with others and by visiting theirs blogs, I can truly experience the openness of blogs beyond the national border. At this time, I consider this blog as my personal journal so that I have expressed my opinion regardless of topics. Compared to my other Korean blogs, most posts in this blog are informal, controversial, and even personal. Honestly, topics like ‘North Korean Twitter’ or ‘Case Study: Presidential Election Campaigns in South Korea’ are still very sensitive issues to post in South Korea.  

As I always feel afraid of talking about my political stance or criticizing about governmental issues, it was a great opportunity to overcome this fear without any social pressures.  Ironically, I found that I feel more comfortable to talk in English than in Korean about what I think about something controversial.    

In that point, this blog would be a good turning point to improve my other blogs in the future. Though most posts are now focused on informative content about vegetarianism and New York City, I want to add my personal opinion more. And I firmly believe that this will make the viewers fun and interesting. Thank you for helping me become a better blogger, Wordpress!


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Welcome to "Love Social Media". As a student studying media communication, I am happy to communicate with other webusers so please come to my page and feel free to leave your comment.
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